Four New Shareholders Announced

Dickie McCamey is pleased to announce that
Timothy J. Chiappetta, Dorothy T. Daly,
Theresa A. Folino, and Ron G. Jones have
been elected shareholders of the firm.

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What will a President Trump mean to the employment world?

Trying to predict the future is a foolhardy enterprise. Ask any weatherman or stock broker. However, sometimes we want to know what kinds of changes are likely to occur when there is a major shakeup, like the election that we have all recently witnessed. While the employment landscape was not a topic that received a lot of air time in the debates, or even in the media in general over the last several months, we certainly can get a flavor of some of the changes coming by reviewing the President-Elect’s “Contract with the American Voter,” better known as his 100-day plan.

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Anthony Jesko and John Seeds Present at the Energy & Mineral Law Foundation Special Institute

How to Lease BLM land in the Wayne National Forest

On December 12, Anthony Jesko and John Seeds were pleased to present “Handouts and Paybacks: Remedies for Payments Made to the Wrong Party” regarding the types of claims and remedies available to operators against lessors who have become divested of title.

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With nearly 18,000 open-acres in the “dry gas” window of the Utica formation located in the Ohio counties of Monroe and Jefferson, exploration and production companies will soon focus on how to lease, produce, and market oil and gas owned and controlled by the federal government.

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